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8 January 2009

To whom it may concem

Re: SCOOP's care for Mrs E.

When my mother was first diagnosed with dementia I felt so alone not knowing where to turn and how to best help her. We were given help from SCOOP who were my lifesavers. They not only supported my mother but were also there for me the carer.

The knowledge and experience that they have for people with this horrible disease is the reason - I feel - that my mother was able to keep in her own home for as long as she did.

Towards the end of her time at home we had to have another care company help and although they were able to wash her and help her in other ways the people from SCOOP were the ones that understood her problems and really did make a difference to her life style. I really feel that if it hadn't been for SCOOP and their specialized knowledge my mother's life while at her home and in her gradually deteriorating state would have been so much worse.

From my experience any family going through this awful time would be so much worse off if the special and very necessary knowledge and help from people like SCOOP were not there.

Dear Sir,

I felt I must write to say how very important  I feel it is that specialised care in the community'

(especially Scoop) is to those of us in the community and there are many who need it.

Nearly three years ago, I was lucky enough to be taken on' by Scoop' My father' now 96'

had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and my mother was also frail' My mother died shortly

Thereafter and without the specialist help for my father, not.only would I have been unable to

cope, but I would not have known the correct way of telling him that his wife and soulmate of 67

years had died.

Not only is he still in his own home, with their care, but that he is still alive at all' is because

of their expertise and skill. Had I been on my own, I would have had to place him in a home' and

I very much doubt whether he would still be alive'

Not only is he alive although quite frail now, is content ,eats well, still has a sense of

in many ways is still my 'Daddy'. He gets constant stimulation, can still read a bit'

can still understand many  his quality of life is far superior to what it would be in the

best of homes.

SCOOP have also been invaluable in translating for his GP, hospital staff, OT's, district and

Community nurses.  something that can be done by a lay person-

I have learned quite a bit about dementia over the last few years, enough to know

Without doubt, that only specialists can manage it correctly. lt is such a complex area' and conditions

can present very differently.

My husband was diagnosed with fronto-temporal dementia two years ago and sadly died

two month s ago. Because he was under 60 there was very little help available to me' and the

help that was there, was of a general type, rather than expert' To be honest' from my point of

almost made things  I sadly had to put him into a home in January of this year

I cannot speak highly enough of Mrs. Garnham and her team, all of whom are expert' and

most importantly, really care about their  their families too' All I can say is that

Without them, I would have lost  my father as we|| as my mother and husband.

| (and my sister and daughters) am so very grateful to Mrs. Garnham, and will never cease

to be thankful that  we 'found' SCOOP'