Support Care of Older People
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Accredited by: Supporting People Suffolk (Suffolk County Council)              Company Registered in England - Registration Number 5305662


Support Care of Older People are a community support provider for older people some who may experience mental health difficulties This includes people who experience memory impairment e.g., Dementia related illnesses yet still choose to live in their chosen accommodation. In certain situations SCOOP can provide support to younger people depending on their needs.

 The organisation was established in 2002 by Phillip and Sheryl Garnham who identified the need in the Community. Through their wealth of knowledge gained from work and life experiences they identified  that the  resources for retired people were limited. There were many quality services available for people who needed personal care. What they wanted to offer was a service  to help people continue doing things for themselves, and for people to maintain their daily living skills and routines.

By adopting this approach they have found that it  maximises choice and independence.They have been successful in delivering a good wholesome community support service which has been proven through positive government reviews including feedback from clients, stakeholders advocates of clients and professionals.

 SCOOP has delivered support to over 300 clients since being established some of whom have been with us since we started.


   Older peoples wisdom and life experiences are often under valued in our society. It is our aim to recognise this by encouraging individuality and self worth.